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Why Choose Mega Fortris?

* Strong, Economical & Reliable with Secure Box

* Our pouches are specially designed for secure confidential documents

* The security box can be nest into one stack to save storage space.

secure cash pouches

Secure Cash and Key Pouches

The reusable bag is specically designed to secur emoney, condential documents and sensitive information. When the tamper evident bags is closed with the Tebco DC individually coded seal, the bag security transaction is completed.


  • Security chambers & bags

      • The zip bridge & slider are both totally enclosed within the chamber cover. This tamper evident enclosure of 2 vital security elements of the bag are the unique feature of the Tebco chamber.
      • All rivets holding the chamber are totally covered within the bag when closed.
      • The zip chain is sewn on bag with the reverse side out to eliminate the bag being broken into via the zip chain & then re-meshed, showing no evidence of entry.
      • The bag with binding is externally sewn. Other bag is internally sewn.
      • A clear window is only accessible from the inside of the bag. The window is made from clear vinyl and heat welded on the bag with strong bonding.
      • The bag can be screen printed with company name or logo for easy identication.
      • When the Tebco DC Seal is fitted onto the chamber, the tamper evident sealing feature of the bag is completed.

    Materials: All standard bags are produced from PVC mesh – a tough, reinforced fabric. PVC mesh is a water repellent fabric , therefore the bag provides an adequate level of showerproof protection. Bag can also be made from others materials such as polyester, nylon, canvas, etc.

    Locking: The sealing of the bag is engaged by inserting a security seal that fully closed the chamber cover. The chamber is made of clear ABS material for inspection purposes.

    Standard colours: Blue, Red and Plastolene as a semi-transparent fabric. Customisation of size, colour and logo printing are optional, subject to a minimum order quantity.