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Why Choose Mega Fortris?

* Strong, Economical & Reliable with Secure Box

* Our pouches are specially designed for secure confidential documents

* The security box can be nest into one stack to save storage space.

Mega Casino Security Boxes


The Mega Casino Box is designed for a variety of applications that include Gaming, Financial Services & Banking, Retail and Police Sectors. The easy manual locking system, the high visibility of tamper attempt, the ability to visually inspect the seal and box contents all contribute to a very effective and efficient security system.

The Mega Casino Box is available in transparent natural colour only. Be assured of better security with our innovative use of materials and industrial design.


  • The Mega Casino Box is made of transparent material which allows the contents and the seal to be visually inspected.
  • Lid design allows for good stacking of boxes on top of one another and to save space in transit.
  • The sliding lid has a back-stop mechanism to prevent the lid from slipping off.